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Affordable Private Education & Christian Education in San Francisco, CA

As one of the best private high schools in San Francisco, CA, San Francisco Christian School offers Godly wisdom, wholesome family values, and a world-class education to students from the Bay Area and around the world. From strong academics, including technology and the arts, to exceptional extracurricular activities like the top-performing school choir in the area, we offer something for every student. We provide an affordable private education that extends from kindergarten through high school, and we gladly welcome students of all backgrounds.

The SFCS admission process is easy. Just fill out an application, schedule an interview and enroll for school! Our Admissions Director can walk you through each step of the process.

We welcome your son or daughter to learn with us and transform their life for Christ! 

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Christian Elementary School in San Francisco, CA - San Francisco Christian School
Our academic instruction begins early-on in the Kindergarten Beginnings Class and continues throughout high school. At SFCS, your child begins learning phonics, numbers and printing. Each year your child will build upon each skill in our Christian kindergarten. He or she learns to develop lifelong critical thinking skills that will equip him or her to fully develop into a successful student. Enroll in our Christian kindergarten program to get the most from your child's education.
Accredited Private School in San Francisco, CA - San Francisco Christian School


Our Christian education includes more than what takes place in the classroom. SFCS offers a wide range of extracurricular activities to enhance the educational experience for our students. This includes athletics beginning in middle school for both guys and girls, yearbook, student council, clubs, music and service projects among many others. Our Christian middle school is perfect for children in San Francisco, CA!
International School in San Francisco, CA - San Francisco Christian School
San Francisco Christian School has an excellent International Student program that invites each and every student to learn and welcome the Lord into their lives. Our international program is unbeatable in the Bay Area. In addition, we have an outstanding Admissions Officer who is happy to guide you through every single step of the comprehensive application process. Learn more about our international program in San Francisco, CA by clicking below!
The SFCS admissions process has three steps:
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A Word From Director of Development, Mark Asire

“We have a unique opportunity as Christian school teachers. Not only can we impart knowledge that is necessary for life, but we can help students attain much more valuable commodities: Godly wisdom, discernment, and understanding.

"It is so wonderful to see young people turn their lives over to the Lord, see them transformed and be mightily used in His service. I have been privileged to watch many kids grow and mature from toddlers to true men of God, from school girls to saints, and from unlearned students to unflinching soldiers of Christ.”
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