Christian Elementary School, Christian Middle School
& Best Private High School in San Francisco, CA

San Francisco Christian School’s academic program begins in the four-year-old Kindergarten Beginnings class. The children are introduced to phonics, numbers, and printing. The Kindergarten Beginnings class and the Kindergarten classes are full day, academic programs. From Christian kindergarten to Christian high school graduation, all students are instructed in Bible, reading, English, math, history, science, physical education, art, and music. 

A Christian philosophy of education is the foundation for all subjects taught in the classroom. When a student graduates from San Francisco Christian School, he or she is fully prepared to enroll in a college or university. Many of the graduates of SFCS have completed degrees from various colleges and are now working in their career choice and faithfully serving the Lord in their local churches.

San Francisco Christian School offers the best Christian education in the Bay Area. We provide an affordable private education to students in San Francisco, CA. SFCS has even been ranked as one of the best private high schools in the area. Enroll  today to join our Christian education!
From Christian kindergarten to Christian high school, SF Christian School covers all ages! 
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