Affordable Private Christian Education in San Francisco, CA 

San Francisco Christian School is operated as a ministry of Calvary Baptist Church in San Francisco, California. The school was founded to provide a Christian alternative to the humanistic education offered in other private and public schools. All subjects are taught from a biblical worldview encouraging a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, a life led by the Holy Spirit, and obedience and surrender to the Word and will of God. SFCS stresses wholesome Christian living, personal salvation through Jesus Christ, obedience to the Word and will of God, and using our talents and gifts for the glory of God.
    International School in San Francisco, CA - San Francisco Christian School

    Our educational purpose for your children includes:

    1. Leading students to a saving knowledge of Christ and to a total commitment to God’s will for their lives.
    2. Providing a Christ-centered program of education with high academic standards relating the truth of God’s Word to all subject matter. 
    3. Teaching the fundamentals of education to bring each student to the place where he or she can reason intelligently, read understandably, compute accurately, write legibly and spell correctly.
    4. Development according to Biblical principles, which include the total development of every student in mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and social aspects.
    5. Developing each student's talents for active service for God within a local Bible-believing church. 
    If you're looking for a quality Christian education, contact San Francisco Christian School today!

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