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Our amazing students and their desire to be disciples of God lie at the true H.E.A.R.T. of San Francisco Christian School.

Healthy Body: Recognition that the body, the temple of the Holy Spirit, is used for the glory of God in life.

An SFCS student will:
  1. Establish healthful dietary, exercise, and sleep habits.
  2. Demonstrate sportsmanship in all activities.
  3. Embrace principles for living a pure and holy life.
  4. Engage in constructive and encouraging behavior.
  5. Develop personal cleanliness and good grooming habits.
  6. Exercise self-restraint.
Eager Mind: Ability and willingness to receive, understand and apply instruction to develop God-given potential for life.

An SFCS student will:
  1. Read and listen with understanding and comprehension.
  2. Develop clear, creative, and concise verbal and written communication skills.
  3. Identify, compute, understand, and apply mathematical concepts.
  4. Apply competently the process skills of science
  5. Demonstrate individual and group problem solving and critical thinking skills.
  6. Acknowledge the providence of God in people, places, time, and events.
  7. Use technology to access, discern, and communicate information.
  8. Evaluate academic material in light of Scripture.
  9. Integrate skills between subjects.
  10. Adopt effective study skills.
  11. Appreciate the fine arts.
Appropriate Emotions: Awareness of the expression of Godly emotions reveals a Spirit-filled life.

An SFCS student will:
  1. Discern from God's Word the difference between godly and fleshly emotions and choose to yield to the Holy Spirit.
  2. Respond appropriately according to the Fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:21-22).
  3. Empathize with others.
  4. Identify, communicate, and express emotions appropriately.
Relational Focus: Demonstration of God’s love for others is an expression of life in Christ.

An SFCS student will:
  1. Exhibit Biblical values as members of society.
  2. Demonstrate compassion and respect for others.
  3. Express gratitude.
  4. Value cultural, social, and economic differences.
  5. Seek to serve others unselfishly.
  6. Share God's love and compassion globally
Transformed Life: Understanding of the one true God and a relationship with him is the foundation of life.

An SFCS student will:
  1. Have the opportunity to receive Christ as his or her own personal Savior leading to a transformed life as a new creature in Christ.
  2. Understand that the Bible is the Word of God, the basis of truth, and the guide for everyday living.
  3. Love God supremely and seek to glorify Him.
  4. Develop a growing, vibrant relationship with Christ.
  5. Effectively communicate his faith in Christ to others.
  6. Seek involvement in a community of believers.
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